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Integrating an extended entrepreneurship syllabus into the curricula of technical studies based on Austrian experience. (2012-2014)


The acronym of the project is “ENTRETECH” (derived from the words entrepreneurship and technology)


The need for the project results from the shortcomings in the development of entrepreneurship skills and enterprising in general in technical education (Entrepreneurship in Vocational Education and Training. Final report of the Expert Group, 2009)

The current project aims at relieving the situation in the form of an innovation transfer. Theoretical training will be brought closer to working life and the experience of other countries will be effectively used.


Problems that caused the need for the project:


  1. 1.Entrepreneurship is not included into all parts of vocational training especially the area of technology.
  2. 2.Teaching methods are ineffective. Some separate subjects directly related to economy are taught, but the handling of entrepreneurship education as a whole is missing.
  3. 3.Teachers need further training
  4. 4.Entrepreneurship is not connected to the basic subjects or their parts, the involving of businesspeople and the amount of practice is not sufficient.


The basic goals are as follows:


  1. 1.Transfer the entrepreneurship training model of Austrian technical curriculum into Estonian and German technical curricula
  2. 2.Adjust the model to be country-specific
  3. 3.Introduce the model into the training systems of technical subjects


The project team consists of:


  1. 1.German Technology School of Pärnu /Pärnu Saksa Tehnoloogiakool/

which has productive experience of the innovation transfer project to develop the training of Estonian accountancy students ( The first Estonian training company of bookkeeping, project LLP-LdV/TOI/2009/EE/003 [2009-2010]).

  1. 2.Higher Technical School of Klagenfurt/ Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt Klagenfurt, Lastenstrasse 1, Austria (HTL1),

which has 8 years of experience in compiling and applying entrepreneurship modules of technical curricula. The school was a partner in an innovation transfer project to work out the quality management curriculum.

  1. 3.Technology and Vocational Training Centre of Königs-Wusterhausen, Germany./Technologie- und Berufsbildungszentrum Königs-Wusterhausen,

which has been a partner of an innovation transfer project


All the above mentioned partners have a common history in the successful implementation of an innovation transfer project in 2009-2011


  1. 4.A new partner is Higher Technical School of Tallinn /Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool, which has experience of LdV innovation transfer projects as well as the experience of economical education in general.